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Reseller Hosting With End User Support

End User Support

Reseller Hosting With End User Support

Our Prime Reseller Hosting plans now come with an End User Support. This means going to handle your customer’s technical support needs for you via emal, In other words it will appear to your customers that you have your own staff in place handling your technical support issues.

How does End User Support work?
Your customer sends an email to This email is then forwarded to our support team. Our team then replies to this email from .

Can you support my clients from my helpdesk?
Yes We can, Select reseller hosting plans now offer End User Support via your helpdesk (typically the WHMCS helpdesk)

Is this service Anonymous?

How much does End User Support cost?
This is a “Value Added Product” with our new Prime reseller accounts. We do charge a monthly $10.00 fee.